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Billy Ray’s Carwash

Posted in Uncategorized by Germs on November 6, 2009

Billy Ray’s Carwash in El Paso, TX

Billy Ray’s Carwash slogan is: We all about cleaning cars in the Dirty South. The owner, Billy Ray is a white man who rocks cowboy hats and Ben Davis slacks. He’s a funny guy but when it comes to his money, he’s dead serious.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Billy Ray takes pride in the dry city where the locals gossip about who is fucking who. He understands that El Paso is only known for picante sauce so he wanted to start a business that would get recognition. He accomplished just that with his carwash spot. Even Kid Rock would come by once every three months to get his car waxed by some of Billy Ray’s bikini girls.

The bikini girls all wore skimpy hot pink two pieces and enjoyed teasing the customers with the Billy Ray rollup move. The specialized move consists of the girls using their booties to wipe the suds of the cars. Of course, that was going to cost extra for the boys in El Paso.

Every Saturday, the carwash hosted a party inviting all low-rider clubs to show off their vehicles. There would be food provided by local taco stands and beer brought by the Mayor of El Paso himself. A different mix of people would visit Billy Ray’s Carwash.

The wall of spinners was a spectacle of the town. 100 tire spinners lined up and moving simultaneously together made the barrio gangsters cry. Billy Ray’s had the effect on people. Billy Ray’s is the best carwash in El Paso.


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