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Emerald Haze

Posted in Uncategorized by dreidinger on November 6, 2009

A normal day in May.  The morning Kindergarten session was coming to a conclusion.  About 15 minutes away from a glorious day of playing Nintendo with the occasional stop outside to assess any opportunities to enjoy sunny weather with friends.  That day had been extremely ordinary.  Pledge of Allegiance would start off everybody.  After that, we would get to sit on the puke patterned carpets that furnished the room.  Sitting and learning either math or spelling.  Really nothing else during that time.  I mean think about it, what do you really learn in Kindergarten?  Sharing and caring, and I think that may be about it.

The end of my day carried a hint of disappointment when I noticed storm clouds rolling in, almost like a thin blanket over a lamp.  Again the day was ending with the hokey piano playing of Ms. Bird.  This is the one redeeming quality that Ms. Bird had.  Her one ray of sunshine that she could provide her students.  She was, of course, finishing her set list this day with an old staple, the Green Bay Packers Fight Song.  As the group of children that had convened to the carpet for music time started to disperse to their personal areas that were storage for coats, lunch boxes, and art smocks, the school secretary entered the room.

The frantic look on the secretary’s face was good enough indication that something was going on, but what?  Being that young, I can remember their faces.  Both looking at each other with that same “now what do we do” look.  I can’t blame them for their concerns, I would have no idea what to say to entire Kindergarten class if a tornado was near the school.  Kids of the youngest ages are aware of the powerful force of tornados.

We were quickly instructed to “calmly” put our belongings back in our personal area and to form a line in near the door of the classroom.  In a trembling voice, Ms. Hinsa asked “Kids, please follow me out in to the hallway.  I will need you to sit on the floor with your back against the wall.  Bad weather has been reported and we need to be prepared.”  We did as we were told.

All that could be seen from the outside of the building was a large window that was at the very end of the hallway.  The frightening anticipation was evident.  Sitting on that could tile floor, we listened.  We heard the wind and rustling of objects smacking against the building.  The usually dark hallway now saw a light slowly starting to overtake the far end of the hallway.  It was an emerald haze that had formed outside the window like an intruder.  Teachers did their best to calm students, but their efforts did little as the intense sound of the wind and objects grew.  The dull emerald was now a bright green glow.  The glass smashed and the intruder was now here.  The lights exploded.  The hallway went dark.


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