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Just Another Day

Posted in Uncategorized by brianjrez on November 6, 2009

Darkness.  Nothing but darkness.  That is until the blast of Miguel’s alarm clock erupted at 7am.  He slammed his hand on the snooze button.  The weight of his arm collapsing on top of the clock with disregard for its shoddy construction.  He doesn’t want to get up.  And why would he?  Miguel is trapped.  Trapped in El Paso, Texas.  For years he had plans to get out town.  He wasn’t from the good part of town, but at least he was from the part of town with a Target.  He grew up here and had loved it.  He loved the inspiring feeling that El Paso was going to be a mecca.  He loved the idea of hope.  But El Paso had failed him.  The rest of Texas even forgets that the city isn’t in New Mexico.

After numerous slams on the snooze button Miguel finally rises from his bed.  He decided to skip his shower since water in El Paso is as scarce as a legally purchased Jeep on a scenic tour, and head to work.  He walked out his front door to a sweltering wave of heat.  It poured over his body as a plane flew just hundreds of feet over his house.

He climbed into the remnants of a 1990 Ford Escort, suffered what might be 2nd degree burns from the sun baking the fake leather seating, and headed to the only place in El Paso with air condition.  Quiznos.

Since Miguel was the only one working that day he had to open, set up, serve, clean up and close.  Just another day of losts tourists and drunken locals.  The locals, which some say are a friendly people, can evoke the wrong sort of response from visitors.  With their grimacing faces being squished together from always being subjected to the baking sun their outward appearance can sometimes make tourists think they are a people of dejected soullessness.

Miguel waited all day and had no customers.  That is, until three young guys in their early twenties walked through the door.  He took their orders and listened to how lost they were.  That they had seen a Target, saw a police chase, couldn’t find anything because all of the buildings looked the same with their Adobe qualities.  And they went on and on about a Chipotle being closed.

Miguel smiled, and enjoyed their company from a distance.  Never mentioning that Chipotle had moved to a new location, just around the corner.

Brian Rzentkowski


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