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Posted in Uncategorized by elysesimpson on November 6, 2009

Abby eyes slowly open as she is quietly greeted by her favorite nurse on the morning shift. She immediately smiles as the nurse gives her a a fluffy yellow stuffed teddy bear. The nurse brings Abby a new stuffed animal from the toy room every morning.
As the nurse inserts medication into Abby’s I.V, she tells her that her breakfast will be coming up soon and that she made sure that they sprinkled little bits of sunshine on it to help make her feel a little bit better today. Abby’s charts indicate that all her vitals are up so she will have a minimal amount of difficulty making it through the day.

Abby sits up and piers out of the window that is partially covered with get well cards and drawings that Abby has made during her time in the hospital. The nurse turns the television on for Abby and places the remote within her reach.
The nurse tells Abby that she will come back after breakfast and help her get ready for the day. She leaves out the room overwhelmed with sadness, for today is another day that Abby’s parents won’t come to visit her. They can’t deal with the reality that their daughter is terminally ill. All the nurses at Santa Clara Kaiser Permanente Medical Center go above and beyond to create a pleasant atmosphere for Abby so that she never feels scared or alone.


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